How to Play Ceme on IDN POKER RAJAREMI

idn poker rajaremi

To play a mobile theme, of course you are required to have an ID first, if you don’t have an ID you can register at Rajaremi And Make sure you fill in your personal data using valid data to make it easier for you if you forget your password. When you have registered you can immediately log in to the trusted poker site using the ID and password that was created earlier.

idn poker rajaremi

At login time you will enter a 6 digit pin in order to tighten your account security in Rajaremi.
Enter the 6 digit number as you wish, make sure also no one else knows it. If you are already told to enter the 6-digit pin that you created earlier, it will automatically go directly to the lobby.

You will see a variety of games available such as: poker, mobile ring, dominoes, ceme, capsa, super-10, omaha. You choose the Mobile Ceme Game, if you have chosen it will automatically move to the Mobile Ceme Game Lobby where you can choose the table with the bet you want right.

basic understanding ofeme idn poker

Before playing online gambling IDN Poker you must understand the basics of the game. In this game you can become a player or a dealer. for this ceme game only uses 2 different blocks / dominoes with Domino QQ which uses 4 blocks / dominoes. What is a domino? Domino cards are cards that are used to play in the gameeme or Domino QQ. Domino cards consist of 28 cards each round in the game.

  • Balak or twin cards are 7 cards and have the same number of points on the top and bottom.

  • Card 0 amounts to 6, only has a dot on one side and has an empty point on the opposite side.
  • Card 1 is 5, each card has 1 large dot on one side only or only the bottom side.
  • Point 2 cards number 4, and each card has 2 dots on one side only or only the bottom side.
  • 3 point cards are 3, and each card has three points on one side or only the top.
  • Point 4 cards number 2, and each card has 4 dots on the top or bottom only.
  • 5 point cards number 1, and each card contains 5 dots on the top or bottom only.

If you already know the domino cards above, you can immediately play and choose the table you want to play. need to be reminded to be able to play this mobile theme you are required to pass the balance in your account. in this ceme game anyone can have the opportunity to become a delar (dealer) or a player. and this is one example of a mobile Ceme game picture.

how to play Ceme online poker game at Rajaremi

To determine your number or winner you can add up the 2 cards that you already hold. The following is an example image, why is there a shield image above one of the players? he is having his turn as a dealer in the game ceme.
Either the win or lose calculation in the picture above
The dealer gets a point card equals 2 + point cards 4 and 4 when added up the dealer gets a card numbered 12 and why only write the number 2 only? because for cards that number in tens only counted the last digit number from the total addition on the card. And on the Domino Card the biggest number is 9 can also be called Qiu

  • And if a player gets a card number above the dealer’s automatic card, the player will get a win.
  • And if the player gets the number of cards under the dealer’s card automatically the dealer will get the win.
  • And if the player and dealer get the same number of cards automatically the dealer will get the win.
  • And if a player and dealer get a 9 card automatically the Dealer will get the win

That is all and thank you, hopefully this tutorial can help you in playing the mobile theme, basically you have to be patient and don’t be too passionate about playing. Let’s win this game and bring the prize home.

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Online Gambling During the Global Financial Crisis – Positive Outlook

The online gambling business must be avoided during these difficult economic times and will continue to grow at double the percentage of the year. This statement comes from a recent study that was presented to the public just before the global financial crisis hit the world stage. This prophetic study, when weeks later the world began to exert an age of economic turbulence predicted by the wise and now retired FED chairman, Alan Greenspan.

We live in an economic age at 7meter , where a simple bubble or bank damage has a strong ripple effect throughout the world that shows the interconnectivity and weaknesses of our economy in this global social paranoia market, at least in financial speculation of the human psyche . Large banks closed like the famous Lehman Brothers, the government appeared to form rescue packages and buy equity in places like Goldman Sachs (one of the investment banking elites), and large companies and even sports authorities put out workers like Volvo and the NBA.

However, some industries are intended to benefit from this economic disaster, and this is the online gambling sector. Before the crisis, people would go into marketing research companies and ask for industry reports only to see a positive growth curve for the industry in terms of forecasts, and positive pro forma financial studies. Believe it or not, this is still meant to happen, and this is why. Pedestrians will always continue to bet, whatever the volume, maybe less than before because they will carefully see the economic downturn as a global recession practice in their spending, or they may spend more because they need to break even and hope that online gambling efforts will help them make ends meet.

Clients with addictive personalities will continue to bet. Rich gamblers will still make the monthly ration as usual into their gambling investment. The masses will NOT drive, fly, take public transportation to favorite sports books or casino destinations, and will instead choose easy-to-use alternatives such as betting from a PC at home or working at lower costs such as cheap broadband and no need to spend on transportation and additional costs, ease of use, and speed combined with the security now offered by brands around the world to the public. With smoking bans at many brick and mortar companies, gamblers will also carry out their activities online.

This is the main reason this sector will now prosper. Some speculators have even stated that the industry is experiencing huge growth due to this situation, and in five years, this industry will show the best performance in terms of volume growth. Large game companies show positive value in their shares in major world markets, thereby showing industry confidence. If Obama wins, the US might reopen its online gambling doors again because the Senator has chosen a recent bill aimed at regulating the industry, and this will definitely benefit big betting operators not only in terms of industrial volume growth, but in financial retribution.

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